The main sources of funds for the Gaudiya Vaisnava religious community are donations from commercial organizations and individuals.

The funds received for charity and support are used by the Gaudiya Vaisnava Religious Community only for the purposes provided for in the by-laws of the religious community.

Bank support

You can contribute by making a wire transfer to our bank account.

Gaudiya Vaisnava religious community


Bank Code: 35000



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1,2 percent

One way to contribute to the development of community-based activities is to allocate 2% of your personal income tax.

You are entitled to this by the Personal Income Tax Act.

There is no additional cost to you - just fill out the application form and send it to

Download the form:

Support for the Gaudiya Vaisnava religious community

Example of a completed form

Detailed information on STI website: "2 percent of personal income tax - for support".

Gaudiya Vaisnava religious community

On the Internet:


10. The application must be duly completed by the CSTI.

11. The application shall be completed only in capital letters.

12. The data must be entered accurately in the fields provided, without prejudice to the specified field lines.

13. Blank lines must be left blank (without any symbols such as hyphens, crosses, zeros, etc.).

14. Box 1 shall contain the personal code of the permanent resident of Lithuania.

15. In box 2, the name of the permanent resident of Lithuania.

16. In box 3, the place of residence (city, street, house, apartment).

17. In box 4, the telephone number.

18. In box 5, the email address (if any).

19. In box 6, the reporting period, y. the calendar year in which part of the amount of income tax paid is requested to be remitted.

20. In box 7, the date (year, month, day) that the application was completed.

21. Field 8 shall be marked with an "X" in the original form if the application is submitted for the first time and an "X" in the revised form in the case of a revised application.

22. Field 9 shall contain the line number of the beneficiary (ies).

23. In field 10, the beneficiary's identification number (code), ie y. the beneficiary's number (code) assigned to it by the Business Register Office.

24. Box 11 contains the full name of the beneficiary.

25. In box 12, the address of the beneficiary's office (city, street, house, apartment).

26. In box 13, the name of the bank holding the beneficiary's current account.

27. In box 14, the code of the bank holding the beneficiary's current account.

28. In field 15, the number of the beneficiary's current account to which the part of the income tax will be paid.

29. In box 16, the percentage of income tax transfer requested. In the case of multiple beneficiaries, the total amount of the lots indicated in block 16 may not exceed 2%.

30. Field 17 - Enter the number of additional pages (if additional pages are attached).

31. An additional sheet shall be completed if more than 4 beneficiaries are indicated.

32. In box 18 (continuation sheet): the number of the continuation sheet.

33. The application shall be signed by a permanent resident of Lithuania who submits such application and shall indicate his name and surname.

34. The application must contain all the particulars required.

35. A permanent resident of Lithuania shall have the right to correct an application which does not contain all the required data by submitting a new revised application (newly completed), but not later than by 1 July of the current calendar year following the requested calendar year. days.


✓ Paid by a lawyer for his services in assisting with community bylaws and community validation ... - € 1008.22.

✓ Paid to the State Enterprise Center of Registers for temporary title and document transfers - € 21.22.

✓ A notice requesting the Ministry of Justice to establish a religious community and to confirm the statutes' compliance with the law is € 2.36.

✓ Application for religious community registration at the State Enterprise Center of Registers - € 30.99.

✓ Created and purchased official community stamp - € 19.00.

✓ An application for the status of beneficiary has been submitted to the State Enterprise Center of Registers - € 2.90.