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Welcome to official Gaudiya vaisnava religious community website!

2019/10/14 A GREAT DATE! Gaudiya Vaishnava religious community is registered at the Ministry of Justice! It took as one year exactly to reach our goal of registering the community ! 

Big thanks to everyone who contributed morally and financially to our goal!

Currently, the community consists of founders, a council, and a large number of uniting members.

  Anyone who wants to support the community financially and wants to be named in the Newsletter, let us know by email. email, otherwise your victim will remain anonymous and we will not reveal your identity publicly.


Create a website for the Gaudiya Vaisnava religious community, with an annual maintenance cost of around € 30 (this may vary slightly).

To seek state recognition.

To integrate vegetarian, vegan (mushroom-free) menu into various institutions (education, national defense, social care, imprisonment, personal health care, etc.). Legally, this is already possible, but it has not yet been implemented in reality, and it is hard and tedious work for anyone personally to fight against windmills in these establishments. Therefore, our mission will be to make it easier for everyone and make it possible for healthy nutrition to be available in mentioned institutions all over the country.



We invite everyone to participate actively in the community and contribute as much as you can: ideas, work, volunteering, financial support. For ideas, work, and more information email us via


Bank Account information for your donations:

Name of the recipient: Gaudijos vaišnavų religinė bendruomenė


1. To bring together those who seek spiritual development, to promote their organization and ability to represent their interests. To help people understand more clearly the difference between spirit and matter, eternal and temporal; advise people who practice spiritual life to discover the shortcomings of materialistic life (birth, illness, old age and death) and how to avoid them. 

2. To disseminate Krishna Consciousness as it is revealed in the scriptures Srimad-Bhagavatam, Caitanya Cararitamrita and Bhagavad-Gita and other scriptures of Gaudiya Vaisnava Acharya. 

3. To represent the interests of members in authorities, courts, non-governmental organizations, as well as international organizations and institutions, to provide diverse information and assistance to members of the community; to establish and maintain contacts with other communities in Lithuania and abroad.

4. To help people understand their connection to the Person of God, to cultivate a sense of brotherhood for all living beings as we are all children of God. 

5. The community operates in the areas of social security, culture, education. The community promotes Ahimsa, a peaceful, balanced, natural lifestyle full of spiritual values. 

6. To revive and disseminate in the online space, television and radio shows, festivals, festivals, courses, lectures, seminars, Gaudiya Vaisnavism, Vedic culture: Ayurveda (life), Vastu (architecture), Jotiša (astrology), Arthashastra (management), Bhautika (psychology) and other shastras (writings) by publishing books and magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, posters. 

7. To honor the Person of God by spreading the glory of His names.


1 The right to vegetarian-vegan (mushroom-free) menus in various Lithuanias institutions.

2 The community will provide protection and support to parents who decide not to vaccinate their babies and children for religious, ethnic, health or other reasons.

3 We will seek that the Vaisnava community of Lithuania, just like other religious communities recognized by the State, including traditional ones, be able to teach religion in public schools, the state recognition of their marriages and coverrage of the social insurance of clerical (Brahman) in the community.

If you want to become a member of the community, you must fill out a request which will be sent to you by email

The request will require information about your ordination, but being ordained is not a prerequisite for becoming a member of the community, this information is collected for statistic purposes.

To become a member, it is sufficient to follow the 4 governing principles and know what the three aspects of God are described in Srimad Bhagavatam (1.2.11): Paramatma, Bhagavan and Brahman, and those who are familiar with bhakti-yoga.

Membership will be confirmed upon receipt of a completed application and payment of a one-time entry fee of € 50 into the community account. 


We would like to point out that according to Article 2 of the Law on Religious Communities and Associations of the Republic of Lithuania, "Everyone has the right to freely choose any religion or belief in the Republic of Lithuania and to change his or her choice at any moment, as well as professing it privately or publicly, performing religious rites, practicing and teaching of the faith. " Therefore, while protecting the privacy of each member, the community will not disclose your affiliation. Whether you want to make it public, we leave it to everyone to decide individually.